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Master of Ceremonies

In today's fast-paced world, you need to truly capture a group's attention, or risk being lost in the noise. Mark has the ability, the charisma, and the discipline to ensure that your evening flows smoothly. He connects with the audience, and uses humor and magic to keep things focused on what is happening right in front of them. Mark can serve solely as an MC or blend in some amazing performances to keep things moving along in a fun way.

Keynote Presentation

Mark helps professionals learn how to connect with someone that they just met in his program, "Instant Networking Connections: How to Connect with Someone Quickly and Authentically." This program has practical takeaways for every listener, no matter their circumstances. Mark teaches these practical steps by encouraging the audience to "Listen." 1) Learn their name. 2) Intentional questions. 3) Stay engaged. 4) Take advantage of commonalities. 5) Educate yourself. 6) Network.

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